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NoriGO! is a skill-based, social gaming platform. $NORI tokens provide players with tradable memberships which provide access to higher statuses, bigger prizes, and better in-game perks.

Players can pay entrance fees or simply hold $NORI to compete in contests of skill, with winners taking home the prizes.

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Presale will be hosted through our Launchpads partners. We are currently partnered with GEMpad, Pinksale, and Novation. More are being considered.

Please find detailed information about the token sale, launch, and vesting in the Presale Guide below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There will be a hardcap of ~$500,000 BUSD

Total Tokens in Circulation: 100,000,000,000 $NORI (100 Billion)
Public Sale Market Cap: $2.5M
Token Price: $0.000025/$NORI

The tokens will launch on PCS at the same price cap.

Public sale tokens will start to be available for trading 24 hours after launch on PancakeSwap.

20% of the tokens will be available at this time. The remaining 80% will be airdropped evenly over the next 9 days. By the 10th day, you will have access to all of your tokens.

During the first 10 minutes of launch, the tax rate will be 9%. All token taxes during the first 24 hours of trading will go toward the liquidity pool.

The pre-seed round was held with a private fund at $1.3M market cap in the May of 2022. Those tokens are vested over 1 year. $200,000 was raised, half of which was structured as a loan.

The private round was held at $2.0M market cap in October. $50,000 was raised. Private sale tokens are vested under the same terms as the public sale tokens.

Please refer to the white paper and the Presale Guide.

The core team members are fully doxxed as alums of multiple Ivy League institutions and MIT. You can see them on the website or on the White Paper.

You can find the White Paper here

Yes, we have received a full CertiK audit. You can find the results here.

You can email or find us on Telegram and Discord.

Remember that moderators and team members will NEVER MESSAGE YOU FIRST on these channels. Anyone who reaches our is likely to be a scammer!

It will be higher than the average presale price over the 48 hours period of our presale. We can't guarantee it will be higher than any presale price otherwise it could be gamed.

Depending on the Launchpad, you will need just BNB, or BUSD and BNB.

On some launchpads, you can purchase with BNB directly. On others, the BUSD is what you will use to buy the presale tokens with, while the BNB is used to pay for the gas fees.

Both BNB and BUSD must be on the BSC network.

During the ongoing Copper launch auction, you can freely trade tokens you've acquired within Copper.

Upon conclusion of the auction, all tokens will be paused and cannot be moved from your wallet.

The tokens will be listed for public trading on Uniswap about TWO WEEKS after the conclusion of the presale. Then, 24 hours after listing on Uniswap, the presale tokens are unpaused and free to trade.

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